Author: Barry Smitherman :: Barry Smitherman – Texas Railroad Commissioner

Author: Barry Smitherman :: Barry Smitherman – Texas Railroad Commissioner

America was dealt a devastating blow by our “Dear Leader.” With the flick of his pen, President Obama killed 20,000 construction jobs, destroyed at least $7 billion in new investment, committed the U.S. to sending $36 billion a year to hostile dictatorships like Venezuela for years to come, and set the wheels in motion to send China almost one million barrels of North American oil every day.

Today we celebrate our independence and we honor those who have fought and died for that independence since 1776. Liberty isn’t free. It costs a great deal.

I have just a few thoughts on last night’s win for Gov. Walker of Wisconsin. 

First, I want to congratulate him. I also want to thank the people of Wisconsin who really did the right thing in re-electing Gov. Walker. 

Liberals tried their hardest to defeat Gov. Walker, but their best wasn’t good enough.

Friday, Marijane and I attended the Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas (CHEACT) conference in Austin. For several years we home schooled my daughter, and through that experience gained an appreciation of home schooling and got to know many wonderful home school families.

Barry Smitherman picks up endorsements from Michael Williams, Victor Carrillo, Charles Matthews and Barry Williamson.

It has been an honor to meet so many great Texans as I’ve campaigned across our great state for the last nine months. My family and I have been humbled by the outpouring of support our campaign has received.  If you, any of your friends, or family has yet to vote we need your help this Tuesday to ensure victory.

Tonight I attended the Preston Hollow/Park Cities Tea Party meeting where my former primary opponent Al Lee endorsed my campaign for the runoff election tonight! I want to thank Al for joining my team, look forward to working with him on advancing conservative policies that benefit Texas. Look for a full statement soon.

Vision America Founder and President Rick Scarborough today joined a growing list of conservative leaders who are backing Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman. 

As a father of four, I’m extremely blessed by God to have such wonderful children. Being a father brings lots of joy and occasional sorrow, but always there is great responsibility on your part to shepherd your children along the correct path. Because you are raising the next generation of Texas leaders, fatherhood is the most important job that you will ever have.

Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman calls on Texans to honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day. 

Both of Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman’s Former Opponents Unite to Endorse His Run for Railroad Commissioner.  Elizabeth Murray-Kolb and Al Lee call Smitherman the only “real conservative” and the “truly qualified” choice.

I’m proud to announce that my campaign for re-election has been endorsed by General Eugene Habiger, former Commander-In-Chief of the United States Strategic Command.

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