Blog & News :: Barry Smitherman – Texas Railroad Commissioner

Blog & News :: Barry Smitherman – Texas Railroad Commissioner

“I am honored to support Barry Smitherman for Railroad Commissioner. Not only is he exceptionally skilled in all the issues surrounding the complex energy industry, he is also a strong, conservative man of faith committed to fighting Obama and the cultural liberals.”

Today we celebrate our independence and we honor those who have fought and died for that independence since 1776. Liberty isn’t free. It costs a great deal.

Vision America Founder and President Rick Scarborough today joined a growing list of conservative leaders who are backing Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman. 

Both of Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman’s Former Opponents Unite to Endorse His Run for Railroad Commissioner.  Elizabeth Murray-Kolb and Al Lee call Smitherman the only “real conservative” and the “truly qualified” choice.

Friday, Marijane and I attended the Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas (CHEACT) conference in Austin. For several years we home schooled my daughter, and through that experience gained an appreciation of home schooling and got to know many wonderful home school families.

The Railroad Commission is, arguably, the most important energy regulatory agency in the world and it requires world class leadership.  Barry Smitherman provides that leadership and has the background in scholarship, leadership, experience and humility to continue at the helm of the Railroad Commission.

AUSTIN – The Texas Association of Manufacturers (TAM) political action committee, the  Manufacturers PAC of Texas (MPACT), today announced its endorsement of  incumbent Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman for re-election in 2012.

At a meeting of grassroots activists in Preston Hollow, Dallas, yesterday, I issued a formal endorsement for Barry Smitherman, my former opponent. Below I will paraphrase the impromptu introduction I offered for Barry, who is in a runoff.

Tonight I attended the Preston Hollow/Park Cities Tea Party meeting where my former primary opponent Al Lee endorsed my campaign for the runoff election tonight! I want to thank Al for joining my team, look forward to working with him on advancing conservative policies that benefit Texas. Look for a full statement soon.

As a father of four, I’m extremely blessed by God to have such wonderful children. Being a father brings lots of joy and occasional sorrow, but always there is great responsibility on your part to shepherd your children along the correct path. Because you are raising the next generation of Texas leaders, fatherhood is the most important job that you will ever have.

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