Blog & News :: Barry Smitherman – Texas Railroad Commissioner

Blog & News :: Barry Smitherman – Texas Railroad Commissioner

Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman Celebrates Victory over EPA

“Having Barry Smitherman on the Railroad Commission is good for Texas business plain and simple. He understands that that a fair and transparent regulatory climate allows the energy sector to thrive which helps all facets of our state’s economy. We at the Texas Rental Association are proud to endorse him in his run-off election.” – Michael Landua, President, Texas Rental Association

The Texas Rental Association is made up of over 300 business representing thousands of employees throughout Texas.

“I am proud to endorse Barry Smitherman in the run-off election for the Texas Railroad Commission. He has demonstrated strong moral character and nothing symbolizes that character more than his 25 year marriage to Marijane and their commitment to protecting unborn life. Voters can feel confident that when they head to the polls and vote for Barry that he is a proven conservative and a man of integrity who will govern as such.” ~ Kyleen Wright, President, Texans for Life

PALESTINE — Republican runoff candidate and current Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman made a stop in Palestine Thursday to meet with area political and business leaders and garner last minute votes for Tuesday’s election. … Read more

With a strong statement of support, Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams endorsed Barry Smitherman today. 

Austin – Railroad Commission Chair Barry Smitherman has picked up the support of Republican National Committeeman Robin Armstrong, National Committeewoman Borah Van Dormolen and 38 members of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) in his run-off election. This represents nearly 2/3 of the SREC and both Republican National Committee members.

“The Environmental Protection Agency…resurrected cap and trade after we got it defeated in the U.S. Senate,” Smitherman said. “They did it on their own, without any statutory authority. All they care about is shutting down Texas’ fossil fuels. And the idiocy is not limited to the EPA.”

Railroad commissioner candidate Barry Smitherman said Monday his experience is what sets him apart from his opponent in the July 31 Republican runoff. … Read more

Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman writes about the importance of protecting private property rights in the midst of the current oil boom. 

… Read more

“Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman has demonstrated forward-looking leadership and is the best choice in this contest.”

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