How To Edit WhatsApp Photos Quickly Within The Chat – Barry SmitherMan

How To Edit WhatsApp Photos Quickly Within The Chat – Barry SmitherMan

WhatsApp continues working on improving the app and making it more intuitive for its millions of users. In this case and as it reveals the novelties of the beta, WhatsApp is working to add a new feature of quick editing in the photos, which will prevent us from leaving the application to do so and will allow us to save storage space.

The dream of every application is that you spend as much time as possible inside. That is why they are always looking for formulas to prevent users from looking for some functions in third-party applications. In WhatsApp, multimedia content in the form of photos is fundamental. Every day we receive images in the form of photos of family friends, memes or screenshots and we carry out editing tasks on them to send them again to the same chat or to other different contacts.

New access to «Edit»

WhatsApp allows you to add text, photos or Stickers to a photo when we send it from the gallery or perform the action of sharing that same file again. Now, the app is working on a function that will allow us to edit a photo that comes to a conversation or group chat, without having to leave that chat. When the photo arrives, the contextual menu will show the option to edit, and then we will clone the photo that we can modify to our liking and re-paste in the same chat if you need to leave it. This function will also save storage space, avoiding to a certain extent the duplicity of similar images.

Function in tests

According to information from WabetaInfo, the new function will be implemented soon, since it is currently in development. It is also confirmed that it is being tested on both Android and iOS, so it could arrive practically parallel to both operating systems. As usual, the first stop of this new feature will be the WhatsApp beta. If you want to be part of the beta program of WhatsApp and try new features before most users, you can sign up from the links that we leave just below.

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