The Most Popular Destinations In The World – Barry SmitherMan

The Most Popular Destinations In The World – Barry SmitherMan

Travellers from all over the world choose among their favourites the best destinations in which to spend their vacations. The world is so big that when travelling we need the inspiration to decide on one destination or another. Today we can reach virtually any corner of the planet; We look at maps, we read travel books, we watch movies and images shared on social networks by other travellers, we consult travelling applications on our mobiles … It is so difficult to choose among all the options we have at our disposal!


The island of Bali, in Indonesia, is number one. Why will it be? It is possible that they are white sand beaches like Lovina Beach, the intense green of its forests in the West Bali National Park, the ancient temples (more than 10,000) or the different hiking trails. Rent a motorcycle to move around the island: do not forget to go to the Tanah Lot temple to watch the sunset, get lost in the rice fields of Jatiluwih or in Tegalalang, choose a beach or lake, visit a volcano or even take the opportunity to get married! Bali is the island of the gods!


Although they circulate on the left and measure distances in miles and yards, London is the most popular city in the world. History and character, monuments that are true icons such as Big Ben or the very traditional taxis are ingredients for a perfect getaway. There is everything for everyone: the art of the Tate Modern, the trendiest fashion trends in its streets, the markets like Camden, the different parks where you can walk. Get on the London Eye, London can only be covered from above.


It could occupy the first position among the most popular cities in the world; but this time, Paris, has remained in the third position. The city of light, of love, the city of literature, is full of attractions enough for a lifetime. It is the only city that has two places among the ten of greatest tourist interest in Europe: the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. But what else? A whole art class at the Louvre Museum, stroll through its neighbourhoods such as Marais or the Latin Quarter, enjoy the cuisine in some of its bistros, stroll along the banks of the Seine or visit the world of Amélie Poulain, Paris never ends!


The eternal city is a history lesson for any traveller. Also, who has not felt the need to travel to Rome after watching a classic Fellini movie? Or who has not wanted to tour the city in Vespa as in Rome Holidays? There is so much to do in Rome: go to the centre of the Roman Empire, see the Colosseum and all the archaeological ruins, the Pantheon, cross the Sant’Angelo bridge, Plaza España, marvel at the works of art of the Vatican Museums. The Basilica of Saint Peter of the Vatican is also the most popular tourist attraction of all in Europe.

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